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Federal Trade Commission

The FTC requires a disclosure to be clearly and conspicuously displayed whenever a brand, product, or service is mentioned, recommended, or promoted in exchange for potential compensation.

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Tennessee Accountancy Act of 1998

As a Certified Public Accountant, Jason Moll, CPA is bound by the Accountancy Laws in the State of Tennessee.

As a Registered Accounting Firm in Tennessee, JASON MOLL CPA PLLC must also adhere to Tennessee’s Accountancy Laws.

TN Title 62-1-122 discusses payments to obtain clients or for referrals.

Tennessee allows for commissions or referral fees to be paid to CPAs as long as the CPA—or their Firm—do not provide financial statement audit or attest services for the entity paying the commission or referral fee.

Neither Jason Moll, CPA or JASON MOLL CPA PLLC provide financial statement audit or attest services and, as such, are permitted to receive commissions or referral fees as long as they are disclosed.

This page satisfies the disclosure requirements in TN Title 62-1-122(c):

(c) Any licensee who accepts consideration or a commission for a referral shall disclose the acceptance or payment to the client in compliance with the requirements of this section.


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Code of Professional Conduct adopts a similar policy, which can be read in Section 1.520.001, Commissions and Referral Fees Rule.

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